Stirring the Water

Growing in understanding of the healing offered to us and His availability to us all.

What if all the stories in the Bible are true? They really happened, and are still happening. What if you could enter the setting of each story and personally participate, interacting with Jesus and examining the full meaning of your encounter with Him, then personally apply it to your life for the purpose of healing your heart, mind, and body of all the pain, hurt, and injuries you have collected on your journey up until this moment. Jesus is inviting us to have just such an encounter with Him because He wants to make an impact on our lives. Not for the sake of church attendance or religion, but to give us a true understanding of the healing He offers us and His availability to us all.

Because of the pandemic, many of us have suffered from the loss of our job, or our business. Our in-person schooling, and many other normal activities and events have ceased to exist, and it has affected us deeply. Many say they feel frozen or stuck. Stirring the Water meets every Tuesday in a Zoom setting where we immerse ourselves in the tools, intended for our discovery, in the words of the Bible, to move forward with our lives. If you feel stuck or depressed about your situation, or if you would like to help others that do, or, you just want to spend time with, and be in the word with, fellow believers, please join us on Tuesdays at 11 AM EDT, where you will receive encouragement and participate in the movement of the Holy Spirit using this weekly ZOOM link:  

If possible, please let us know you plan on attending by emailing change@StirringtheWater.com

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