Stirring the Water

Life can be positively, miraculously altered in an instant, dividing time into a before and an after. We focus in on the lives changed by these MIRACLE MOMENTS.

What if all the stories in the Bible are true? They really happened, and are still happening. What if you could enter the setting of each story and personally participate, interacting with Jesus and examining the full meaning of your encounter with Him, then personally apply it to your life for the purpose of healing your heart, mind, and body of all the pain, hurt, and injuries you have collected on your journey up until this moment. Jesus is inviting us to have just such an encounter with Him because He wants to make an impact on our lives. The purpose of this Website is to share the stories of our personal encounters with Christ in written, audio, or video form as witnesses of God’s love, and power, and His desire to be in a relationship with us, and especially how He can fill us up with His love and change our lives forever. Please email or text us your encounters in any format so we can share them here as a witness.

Email change@StirringtheWater.com or text 443-266-7171.

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